Mailing List WWW Gateway

Welcome to the TLV Mailing List WWW Gateway (LWGate). This service is intended to present information about a set of mailing lists, allow people to easily use mailing list commands, and provide a hypertext interface to list archives which exist on the TLV server.

The LWGate can support five major types of mailing list programs: LISTSERV(TM), ListProcessor 6, Majordomo, SmartList, and LetterRip. Depending on which program runs your mailing list, the form interface to your list may look different from others. Many functions of this interface are usable only to WWW clients which support forms.

Info & Commands on Available Mailing Lists
See what mailing lists are on the TLV LWGate, and issue commands for them.
Search the TLV LWGate
Locate what mailing lists are available on this LWGate with a search string.
Search for Other Mailing Lists
See what other mailing lists exist, but are not available on the TLV LWGate
Info on Mailing List Software
Obtain documentation on LISTSERV(TM), ListProcessor 6, Majordomo, SmartList, and/or LetterRip.

For information about this site's Mailing List WWW Gateway, contact TLV IT teenistus. For more information about the LWGate program, see About the Mailing List WWW Gateway.

LISTSERV(TM) is a mailing list server, written by Eric Thomas and sold by L-Soft International, Inc. LISTSERV and L-Soft are trademarks of L-Soft International. Used with permission. ListProcessor 6 is a mailing list system originally written by Anastasios C. Kotsikonas; a commercial version is supported by CREN. Majordomo is a mailing list package written by Brent Chapman. SmartList is a mailing list management package written by S.R. van den Berg. LetterRip is a mailing list manager distributed by Fog City Software, Inc.