About Information About a Mailing List

This page gives you some brief information about the mailing list and allows you to execute commands for it. The List Owner is the person responsible for maintaining the mailing list, and you should mail him/her if there are problems with the list. The mailing list software is the program which maintains the list, either LISTSERV(TM), ListProcessor, Majordomo, SmartList, or LetterRip. The posting address is where you should direct all messages that should be sent to all subscribers. The address for mailing list commands is where you should send all commands if you are not using this interface. Do not send mailing list commands to the posting address. Then, a short description about the mailing list is shown. For more information about the mailing list, contact the List Owner. If the List Owner can no longer be reached by email, contact TLV IT teenistus.

After the list information, a list of commands available to users of the list are shown. Select a command to bring up the appropriate form to execute the command. Help on each command is available from the form.

Note, List Owners do not have direct control over the Mailing List WWW Gateway database; for LISTSERV(TM) mailing lists, Review Mailing List Distribution List, and for ListProcessor mailing lists, the Mailing List Information File, will return more definitive information.

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